Publishing Technologies

I have had detailed involvement in the definition and implementation of many technologies that support publishing processes. From a functional view, these cover:

  • content management
  • content delivery
  • content creation and enrichment
  • content monitoring
  • metadata management
  • process orchestration and workflow
  • data quality profiling, improvement, and monitoring
  • subscription management
  • online authentication and access control
  • pricing, billing, and payment
  • business intelligence and reporting
  • prospect/sales management
  • rights management
  • single view of customer/customer segmentation
  • bulk email distribution
  • online ad delivery
  • media monitoring
  • event management
  • content categorisation
  • taxonomy and ontology management
  • plagiarism detection
  • production estimating and ordering
  • paper and stock management
  • project management
  • process management
  • issue tracking
  • wikis, intranets, and extranets
  • automated typesetting

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