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Our aim is to help you to conceptualise and articulate your product and process development ideas and requirements, to better understand publishing technologies and the commercial opportunities they enable, and to help you develop or enhance your publishing processes and use of supporting technologies.

Phil Caisley brings 25+ years’ senior management and leadership experience from the publishing and online information industry. He has worked in a wide range of publishing markets and has held senior positions at the following companies:

B2B publishing

Medical publishing

Legal publishing

Education publishing

Phil is used to managing cross-functional teams for both projects and operational processes. He has significant experience in understanding and documenting business needs and publishing opportunities and in identifying potential solutions. These solutions have regularly involved the selection and implementation of a broad range of publishing and content technologies to resolve those needs. These technologies have supported both customer-facing products and back office operational processes. Phil has broad experience in business analysis and requirements elaboration, and in the documentation, review and re-engineering of publishing processes.

Phil also has significant experience of sourcing and managing suppliers from around the world.

Phil has worked extensively at a European and International level. This was initially through his involvement with the IT strategy groups of the European and international standards bodies, CEN, CENELEC and ISO. He also worked closely with these organisations on the implementation of XML as a primary publishing output. He was the convenor of the European XML Task Force for CEN and CENELEC. Phil has also worked closely with a range of European businesses on the definition, build and roll-out of a global content management project.

Phil originally trained as a typographer at the University of Reading. This training strongly influences his constructive input into user experience and user interface design and its ability to improve usability.

Portage Consulting can additionally draw on the experience and skills of a network of associates where projects require a broader range of experience or skills for their successful implementation.

You can contact me at phil.caisley@portage-consulting.co.uk.

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