What we do

Portage Consulting provides strategic consultancy,
and focused technical guidance, in the selection and
implementation of publishing technologies.

We focus primarily on the broad range of technologies that
are used during content creation, content enrichment,
content management, and content delivery, including
XML-based NoSQL technologies.

We can also support you with domain-informed
business analysis and project management.

This work might include, but is no way limited to, the following activities:

Documenting Business Requirements

Capturing and documenting your business requirements

Understanding Publishing Technologies

Understanding publishing technologies and how they can benefit your business

Optimising processes

Creating or optimising your publishing processes


Horizon-scanning newer publishing technologies and services

Selecting technologies

Selecting and implementing best fit technologies

Identifying suppliers

Identifying, selecting and contracting suitable suppliers

Portage Consulting can help you to:

  • Develop conceptual ideas
  • Undertake desk research
  • Capture business and technical requirements
  • Analyse data and documents
  • Define reports
  • Identify, select, and contract vendors
  • Identify, select, and contract publishing technologies
  • Prepare tenders and manage tender responses
  • Review and report on supplier presentations
  • Prepare commercial justifications
  • Define information architecture
  • Coordinate XML data capture, conversion, schema/dtd development and semantic enrichment
  • Develop ontologies and taxonomies
  • Profile data quality and implement improvements
  • Train stakeholders
  • Coordinate information design, graphic design, and usability
  • Coordinate typesetting and pre-press activities
  • Coordinate book and book component manufacture, including print-on-demand

Portage Consulting is experienced in working in and across a range of publishing sectors and publishing teams. We have had detailed involvement in the definition and implementation of a wide range of publishing technologies to support publishing processes.

Please, contact us if you’d like to discuss a specific project that you’re working on. Alternatively, if you would value input, or an independent viewpoint, at any stage of an existing project’s implementation, please do get in touch.

For further information, please contact us at info@portage-consulting.co.uk.

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